Did Microsoft Call You and Say You Have A Virus?

Well it is a SCAM!

  1. Microsoft does not call you like this.
  2. Microsoft does not monitor your computer or any individuals computer for viruses.

What do you do – HANG UP! Please Hang up on these people.

Yes, I meant to use caps and shout. These people are trying to gain access to your computer and will ruin it. Then they will want to charge you to fix it. That is the scam – to take your money.

I fixed one of these computers some years back, it was a friend of mine. Her computer was less than 6 months old. She thought it was Microsoft and did what they told her to do so they could access her computer. Luckily when they started talking money a light bulb went off and she got off the phone, but the damage was already done to her computer – totally inoperable. She brought it to me and I never was able to get the operating system to run properly. We ended up reinstalling the OS and starting all over fresh.

Today, I got one of those calls on my cell phone today. That is what prompted this blog post. When I finally got tired of his belligerence, I told him this conversation was over. He had the audacity to say – no this conversation is not over. I said yes it is over and hung up!

I cannot believe that this scam has been going on so long without being stopped. But I also know with all the sneaky things the scammers can do to hide their identity, it is almost impossible to track them down.

All they are after is your money – plain and simple. So what can you do to help stop them? Simple – Hang Up on Them! If the scam no longer becomes profitable, they will stop calling.

So tell all your friends – Microsoft does not call you about viruses on your computer!

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